At JB Brandworks we are focused on showing you how to manage your brand effectively. We specialize in graphic design, web design, social media, e-mail marketing, publication design, photography and video.

Brand Development

We will work with you to effectively communicate your brand. We can’t invent your brand, but we can show you how to effectively reach your target market.

Graphic Design

With over 10 years of award winning graphic design under our belt, we can create anything that you can dream up. We can even dream it up for you, it’s what we’re good at.

Web Design

Does the idea of building and maintaining your web site scare you? Let us work with you to design a unique website that will stand out from your competitors. Your business is not cookie cutter, your website shouldn’t be either.

Media Planning

Does the thought of planning a full force advertising campaign keep you up all night? Have you looked at so many media kits that you can’t see clearly? We can help you make sense of it all, cut through the clutter to show you what works, and work with all of the advertising reps to schedule your campaign.

Social Networking

Social Networking is the newest way of reaching your audience. You may have heard about it but not quite sure how it can work for your business, or even what to do with it. We can sit down with you and advise you on some practical ways of reaching your customers.


Did you use the same stock photo in your last ad that your competitor used? Do your current company photos scream “Hey, we started business in the 80s and we haven’t changed!” With our network of seasoned professionals, we can create a custom look that you can be proud of.


Having custom video isn’t just for the big businesses anymore. From simple welcome messages to online product demonstrations, our network of videographers can create stunning features that will blow your competition out of the water.

Publication Layout

Need a annual corporate report or a monthly newsletter that will catch the attention of your readers? Or perhaps you put out a monthly magazine and need an extra hand to handle the layout and design. We are trained with all of the latest software and can work with your printer of choice to get your publication out the door.